Hiking the Devil’s Causeway in the Flat Tops Wilderness of Colorado

My name is Scott Bideau, and I love to get out there and explore.

I’m not an Instagram influencer or a sponsored athlete. I don’t make any money from my YouTube or Facebook followers. I haven’t quit my job to pursue skiing, camping, biking, or any other hobbies full time, and I probably never will.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the above. But, I find that the Internet often lacks an average Joe’s perspective on outdoor adventures. Every year, I see more and more people trying to replicate an unrealistic and oftentimes unsafe experience that they saw posted on social media rather than safely enjoying and respecting nature.

So, here I am sharing my own experiences as a middle-aged guy who loves to get outside, sometimes with my family and other times by myself, sometimes close to home and other times to faraway destinations, usually prepared but typically still learning from my mistakes, and always thinking about how to remain safe while protecting the very environment that I am enjoying.

My trip reports share the good, the bad, and the ugly…all in the hope of inspiring others to follow their own desire for outdoor adventure under realistic expectations that real adventure seldom looks like a social media influencer’s sponsored post.

I also write about the gear that I depend on in case others have the same needs or challenges. And while there are plenty of detailed Internet reviews for most products that I don’t try and replicate, I do like sharing a bit of perspective as to why I specifically choose to buy and use a particular product.

I hope you enjoy! And, I look forward to learning from you too, so leave your comment in the posts!

– Scott

“Get messy, make mistakes, get out there and explore!”

Ms. Frizzle, Magic School Bus

Who Is Scott

Me (third from right), my dad (center), and Cub Scout group hiking the “Three Mounds” in Southeast Kansas

I grew up in rural Kansas and spent much of my childhood either biking around town or hunting, fishing, and hiking around our farms. My dad/Assistant Scoutmaster took me and my friends camping at least once a month – rain, shine, snow, or otherwise – from about the time we entered Cub Scouts until several of us obtained Eagle Scout. It was during a high school backpacking trip through the San Juan Mountains that I started planning my eventual move to Colorful Colorado.

My kids enjoying an overlook on the Green River just outside of Dinosaur National Monument.

Not too long after settling in Steamboat Springs, I was now the dad taking my kids on various outdoor adventures. We bought a little popup trailer and started camping as a family when the kids were just two and four years old. We counted 22 nights under the canvas and stars that first year, which has since grown to nearly 60 nights annually with an upgrade to a hard-sided RV and the addition of some backpacking and bikepacking equipment for the kids mixed in-between.

Winter bikepacking in Arizona

I live in the mountains of Arizona now after my wife grew tired of ski town winters that started in October and didn’t let up until April or even May after 300″ of snow had fallen. I feel very fortunate to find nearby biking, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, and so many other activities all-year long while still being pretty close to some winter snow skiing opportunities.


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    Hey Scott!


    I’m pretty new to hiking and backpacking but I love them both! I appreciate the average Joe perspective, so thanks!

    Please continue to share your tips and tricks!

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    Matt Hall

    Can you do a 1 or 2 night bikepacking excursion and give a route report?

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    Good luck on your venture! For me, I would love to get tips on light hiking gear and cool places that not many people know about.

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    Hi! I tried to “Like” your FB page and I couldn’t find a Like button. Argh! Please help! (I followed on IG, no problem 😊)

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    Tyler Arnett

    Would love to see topics on bikepacking and how to pack/organize gear.
    Also great routes to do in Arizona

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    Would love to know more about dispersed camping, overlanding and hiking.

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    Would love to see topics on backpacking & hiking.

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    Colton paterson

    I’d love to read about a fly-fishing bikepacking adventure sounds like a good time!

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    Looking forward to the blog. I would like to see gear reviews that would help people get into the outdoors without breaking the bank. Most people do not need that $600 Dynema tent or $400 backpack.

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    Real life comparison of different sleeping bags in the desert chill. Light enough to pack, but truthfully keeps you warm. I rarely trust the marketing tags, prefer to learn from experience of others, not a lab 😉

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    Brad Melgoza

    This is great! We hope to win!

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    Sherr Joy

    It would be great to have articles on places to explore that are safe for solo travelers.

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    Great idea. Thanks!👍

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    Hi Scott,
    How about a write up on the difference between bikepacking as a sponsored rider and the rest of us. Seems the big names forget the rest of us when discussing the equipment and uses for those that are not 155#, 6% bodyfat, and get most everything for free every year.

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    Would love to see articles on hiking and backpacking! Thank you!!

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    Janine Frazee

    Would be awesome to hear about your favorite hyperlite gear and overall tips for both bike packing and backpacking. Thank you! 🙂

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    Nik Edmonds

    Let’s talk about bikepack fishing!!

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    Love the site! Especially the Mrs Frizzle mention. I am pretty sure I read all of those books to my kids many times over! Would be fun to have a post on bikepacking food favorites and invite comments from readers with their faves.

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    madeline hoetger

    Hi. I am planning to bike the southern tier in 2021….any advise, suggestions, itinerary etc??

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