Freeze-Dried Meals For People With Food Sensitivities and Allergies

I know firsthand how challenging it is to deal with food sensitivities and allergies, especially in the backcountry. So after researching what pre-packaged, freeze-dried meals were compatible with my various medical restrictions, I built a comprehensive chart for the more commonly sold meal packets. Each product listed indicates the presence of major food allergens, including dairy (D), egg (E), nuts (N), seafood/fish (F), soy (S), and wheat (W), while also showing the existence of meat and indicating if the level of FODMAP ingredients is on the lower or higher side. Each product then links to the manufacturer’s website where the exact ingredients can and should be be verified.

DISCLAIMERS: Get Out There and Explore makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the information presented below. Errors could exist or ingredients could have changed since publishing. The information is presented purely to assist in the selection of potential meal products and should not be be used as a substitute for verifying the exact ingredients of each meal packet before consuming.

CROSS CONTAMINATION DISCLAIMER: The information below does not include potential cross contamination that might occur due to shared equipment utilized in the manufacturing or packaging processes. Some manufacturers list this caveat, if applicable, while others may not. The exact ingredients and other disclosures for a meal packet should be confirmed each time before consuming.

RECOMMENDATION: I always try a new meal product at home, within close proximity to medical care, before adding that product to my list of potential meal options while in the backcountry.

ProductDairy (D)Eggs (E)Nuts (N)Seafood/Fish (F)Soy (S)Wheat (W)FODMAPMeat
Backpackers Pantry Breakfast ScrambleDEHigh
Backpackers Pantry Chana MasalaNHigh
Backpackers Pantry Chiang Mai Cocunut Curry BeefNLowBeef
Backpackers Pantry Cuban Coconut Rice & Black BeansNHigh
Backpackers Pantry Fettucini Alfredo ChickenDEWHighChicken
Backpackers Pantry Chicken Breast (plain)NoneChicken
Backpackers Pantry Granola w/ Bananas Almond & MilkDNHigh
Backpackers Pantry Granola w/ Blueberries Almonds & Milk DNHigh
Backpackers Pantry Jerk Rice & Beans w/ ChickenSHighChicken
Backpackers Pantry Kathmandu CurryMed
Backpackers Pantry LasagnaDESWHigh
Backpackers Pantry Red Beans & RiceHigh
Backpackers Pantry Mango Sticky RiceNLow
Backpackers Pantry Mashed Potatoes & Gravy w/ BeefDHighBeef
Backpackers Pantry Organic Blueberry Walnut OatmealNWMed
Backpackers Pantry Organic Cinanamon Apple OatmealDWHigh
Backpackers Pantry Pad ThaiNLow
Backpackers Pantry Pad Thai w/ ChickenNLowChicken
Backpackers Pantry PrimaveraDWHigh
Backpackers Pantry Peanut Butter & Raisin OatmealNWMed
Backpackers Pantry Risotto w/ ChickenDSHighChicken
Backpackers Pantry Rocky Mtn ScrambleDEHigh
Backpackers Pantry Santa Fe Rice & Beans w/ ChickenHighChicken
Backpackers Pantry Shepherd’s Stew w/ BeefDHighBeef
Backpackers Pantry StroganoffDEWHighBeef
Backpackers Pantry Sweet & Sour Rice & ChickenSLowChicken
Backpackers Pantry Three Cheese Mac & CheeseDEWHigh
Backpackers Pantry Three Sisters StewHigh
Backpackers Pantry Veggie StewHigh
Good To-Go Mushroom RisottoNHigh
Good To-Go Thai CurryDNFHigh
Good To-Go Pad ThaiENFSMed
Good To-Go Mexican Quinoa BowlHigh
Good To-Go BibimbapSMed
Good To-Go Smoked Three Bean ChiliHigh
Good To-Go Marinara with PastaMed
Good To-Go Indian vegetable KormaDNHigh
Good To-Go Kale & White Bean StewHigh
Good To-Go Chicken GumboHighChicken
Good To-Go New England Corn ChowdahFHigh
Good To-Go OatmealNMed
Good To-Go GranolaNMed
Good To-Go Cuban Rice BowlDHigh
Good To-Go Chicken PhoDFLowChicken
Mountain House Beef StewMedBeef
Mountain House Beef StroganoffDEWMedBeef
Mountain House Biscuits & GravyDWHighPork
Mountain House Breakfast SkilletDEHighPork
Mountain House Chicken Fajita BowlHighChicken
Mountain House Chicken Fried RiceDESMedChicken
Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki w/ RiceSMedChicken
Mountain House Chicken & DumplingsDWHighChicken
Mountain House Chicken & Mashed PotatoesDHighChicken
Mountain House Chili Mac w/ BeefWHighBeef
Mountain House Classic Spagetti w/ Meat SauceWHighBeef
Mountain House Creamy Mac & CheeseDWHigh
Mountain House Fettuccine Alfredo w/ ChickenDEWHighChicken
Mountain House Mexican Rice & ChickenHighChicken
Mountain House Pad Thai w/ ChickenFSLowChicken
Mountain House Pasta PrimaveraDWHigh
Mountain House Rice & ChickenMedChicken
Mountain House Scrambled Eggs & BaconDEHighPork
Mountain House Spicy Southwest SkilletHighBeef
Mountain House Yellow Curry w/ Chicken & RiceNFMedChicken
Peak Refuel Chicken AlfredoDWHighChicken
Peak Refuel Chicken Pesto PastaDWHighChicken
Peak Refuel Strawberry GranolaDSMed
Peak Refuel Mountain Berry GranolaSMed
Peak Refuel Breakfast SkilletELowPork
Peak Refuel Beef Chili MacDWHighBeef
Peak Refuel Three Bean Chili MacWHigh
Peak Refuel Chicken Teriyaki RiceSLowChicken
Peak Refuel Sweet Pork & RiceHighPork
Peak Refuel Beef StroganoffDWHighBeef
Peak Refuel Chicken & RiceDWHighChicken
Peak Refuel Beef Pasta MarinaraDWHighBeef


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    Hi There,

    I have Celiac Disease which is an allergy to gluten in foods. I really like you list here in the blog post. Yet, I am a bit concerned that you speak to only Wheat (W) as a food allergy. Being celiac and allergic to gluten mean that I cannot eat any food with Wheat, Rye or Barley. It goes beyond just Wheat. My suggestion to you is to instead of denote wheat (W) that you denote Gluten and use (G). Just a thought.


  2. Scott Bideau

    Scott Bideau

    Thanks for the comment, Todd. Given the severity of food allergies and complexities of various food intolerances, I have purposefully kept things a bit high level so that people have a starting point for what foods to easily eliminate before carefully reading the specific ingredients of each meal packet considered. I hope that the Wheat (W) indicator at least helps folks like you with a starting point.

  3. Avatar


    ALERT: The Low Fodmap selections all include garlic and/or onion (thus, they’re not low-fodmap). The exception is freeze-dried chicken breast…

    • Scott Bideau

      Scott Bideau

      Like you said, all of these packets include some FODMAP ingredients, so compromises have to be made for those with IBS. Per the disclaimer at the top of the post, I’m trying to highlight what is on the lower side and what is on the higher side while also encouraging each person to use this as a starting point before verifying each ingredient for each meal to determine what is acceptable to them.

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